Thursday, 19 March 2009

Little woven purse

I made this little purse to keep my bank card in. Up until now, I've only had a big purse with card sections in the back to keep it in. It was the only thing in the whole pruse, so seemed daft to keep it just for that - not particularly nice to use or look at, big and bulky, so I made this. It's the first project where I've done all three of the spinning, dyeing and weaving. I spun the pink and dyed it with cochineal, then plied it with some spare sage green, then woven on a small table loom. Very pleased with it, and it's a pleasure to use.

It's the most beautiful day here - I hope everyone else's weather is as nice. What a difference it makes - people are more cheerful, and I really feel more like getting onw ith things, insde and out. Drawback - shows up the dirty windows LOL

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