Monday, 16 March 2009

Weekend treasures............

We had a short trip around the charity shops in Gillingham on Saturday,and these two bits came home with me.

The little vase is from the 1930s; I love the bold bright colour and simple design of it, slightly reminiscent of some of Clarice Cliff's work. I used to be a fan of her work, but have moved on now, but still like the style and colours of the era.
The plate is a limited edition Amish plate, from America. It's no 162 of 2,500, "from the landmark series of watercolours painted by artist Harlan King for the AAA Morot Club of Iowa", 1974. It's actually made by Royal Grafton, in England, so has come back to its roots! Strange to think it's crossed the Atlantic twice.


MelMel said...

Two super finds!

Shammickite said...

I love looking round the charity shops, I nearly always find something I can't possible live without.