Friday, 27 March 2009

Stuff and the simple life

I have too much stuff. Ironically, it's as simple as that. So, big changes over the next few weeks to pare it down, not a bit, but a lot. Re-reading "Simplicity" by Elaine St James, this sentence struck me as being pertinent:

"If we reduce the amount of stuff we allow to accumulate in our lives, we won't have to organise it"

The word "allow" was the one that jumped out at me there. Yes, it's my own fault I have too much stuff, so it's down to me alone to sort it. I'm making a start this morning.
Watch this space for updates, hopefully!


hen said...

blimey! good on you and goodluck! I need to have that realisation too. :)


Tea with Willow said...

This is very timely advice Mrs L! My garage and loft are full of "stuff" that periodically seems to need "sorting" or "tidying" .... just imagine the extra time I'd have if I simply got rid of it all?!

Willow x

Mos and Nikou said...

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ren said...

I am always 'trying' to declutter and rehome things we no longer need, but before i know it the stuff multiplies and there seems to be more than there was before. I've also noticed that all these crafty hobbies takes up increasing amounts of space!!! Which remind me i must try and pop the sewing machine round, (just what you need when you are trying to declutter !!lol!

Libby said...

Great quote! I love it.