Tuesday, 31 March 2009


I like mornings. I'm a morning person, jump out of bed and get on with it all. I do flag in the afternoon, between 3 - 4pm, but then have another spurt in the evening,sometimes staying up quite late. Mornings are my favourite time, though. Once OH and Bean are out and gone, it's very quiet here until EJ surfaces; I come on teh computer, read a bit, have breakfast, sort out the day in my head, knit a bit....A bit of peace and clam helps me a lot in the mornings, but with OH here at the weekends, it's a different start to the day.

I found this lovely, lovely book on Posy's blog (http://posy.typepad.com/); when I say found, I actually mean noseying in the top of one her bags that was open, in a photo on her blog LOL It's called "A Year of Mornings", and ia a photographic collaboration by Maria Alexandra Vettesse and Stpehanie Congdon Barnes. What a lovely book; I don't normally spend that much on a book of photos/pictures, but this was an exception. Pairs of photos taken by the two women each morning for a year and put on their blog. Amazing how similar some of the pairs were, which I find fascinating. Gorgeous photos, obviously selctive, but none the worse for that. A lovely book to dip in and out of often.

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