Thursday, 2 April 2009

How to make cream cheese

You'll never buy Philadelphia "cream cheese" again!

2 pints full cream milk
1 /4 pint double cream

Put the milk on to heat to blood heat, then add about 6 - 7 drops of rennet; I use Vegeren, which is a vegetarian rennet. Whisk into milk, and leave for the curds to set.

When set, it will look like this:

Drain the curd from the whey into scalded muslin, and leave hanging, to drip overnight, to leave the curd dryish:

Next, beat in the cream with a fork or whisk, adding salt to taste. At this stage, you can also add in flavourings if liked - black pepper, garlic, etc. For this one, I used wild garlic in the form of tri-cornered leek, which is at its peak in the garden just now.
This cheese is wonderful - the fresh taste is miles from anything you can buy - give it a try!


oddny said...

Where do you buy your veggie rennet?

MrsL said...

You can find it either in health food shops, or in the supermarket among what they call "baking sundries" - baking powder, muffin cases,etc. Should be fairly easy to find, and not expensive, useful for lots of things.

Eco Gites of Lenault said...

I really want to make cream cheese - I wonder what rennet is in French?

Rosie x

MrsL said...

Found this, Rosie:

"Rennet in French is présure – présure animale being derived from animals, présure végétale is vegetable rennet and présure de synthése is microbial. ..."

Hope that helps!

Libby said...

I will definately give this a go!

Eco Gites of Lenault said...

Mrs L - thanks for the translation - I was just off to find my dictionary and realised you had done it for me. I'll try to get o the Health Food shop this week and give the cream cheese a go. Feedback to follow!

Rosie x