Saturday, 4 April 2009

Table loom returns.............

I was pleased to get over to pick up my table loom yesterday, now it's back with me. It was one extended sort of loan to a good friend, who took it when I said I wanted to sell it as I'd never use it. Guess what? I changed my mind, and here we are four years later and it's back in my kitchen. It needs a clean and polish, and a bit of research on my part to get it going, then I'll be off. I'm so chuffed! :)

It's the most beautiful day here today; I'm only inside until my cakes are out of the oven - it's Fair Trade cafe at the village hall this afternoon, and I'm officiating LOL - then I'm off outside for a couple of hours. All livestock fed and watered, washing hung. I got a bit more done on the dye garden project yesterday - more plants moved, and the first of the dye plant seeds sown. MrL attempting to rig up something to keep teh chickens where they should be, so I can get on with the veg beds soon - lots to go in now the weather has warmed up a bit. I've held back lionger than usual because of the cold winter, but it's all go in April. A few showers overnight will have made the soil more workable. I need to salt and water the asparagus beds and take the covers off them too.
Hope everyone else has sunshine!

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Andrew at Quicksilverbirds said...

I know I wil regret asking this as you'll say a loom on the table, but intriged to know what a Table Loom is? What can be made on it? Questions, questions. But i'm intrigued.