Monday, 6 April 2009

A simple country lane

- is not at all simple! It's a vibrant, living, self-sustaining entity in its own right, when left alone by the likes of us. I discovered a new-to-me lane last week, whilst out with the dog. Not far from home, a couple of fields away, this was more an ancient track leading through to some back fields, away from the road. We spent ages up there........I imagine it's been used as a field access lane for a long, long time, although now worn with tractor ruts, it's peaceful and quiet. Huge variety of wild flowers there; the only place I know of in the village where wild cowslips grow, a good colony of them too. I also foudn soemthing I hadn't seen before - dog's mercury. Chickenofthewoods kindly identified it for me when I posted a photo on the forum. Quick bit of research shows it's toxic, but has been used in the past for a dye plant, so I will be experimenting with it later in the year I think. Its usual habitat is woodland, but this was on the opne verge, so maybe was established when the wooded area was closer to the track, now being cleared to enlarge the field years ago. Lovely mixed hedgerows too, first of the bluebells, some self-heal, primroses, all sorts, and lots of flying insects. Three or four badger runs can be seen up and over the hedge bottoms, obviously having been used by these lovely creatures for many a year. Saw pheasant and pigeon too, and heard a tractor in the distance. I'll be going back soon, and will go all the way up until it reaches the field, will take my camera. When I told OH about it, he knows of the lane, and has been up there many times with EJ and the dog, and it actually has a name - North Lane, so it's certainly been used as a thoroughfare for a long time. It was lovely to take time to *see* things in the warm sunshine, rather than just *look*. Nature warrants close inspection to open up her hidden world. Lovely.

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Tea with Willow said...

Sounds like an absolutely wonderful walk ... so lovely to find unspoilt, 'secret' places like these.

willow x