Friday, 10 April 2009

Things to do on Good Friday

Make hot cross buns

I make mine usually, but there are some good bought ones around too. I'm trying out a new Nigella recipe I found the other day. Not a fan of her per se, but some of her recipes are good. Toasted or not? Butter? I make my crosses with a sharp knife, and for me the cross represents the four corners of the world, or the compass points. Looking forward to spicy aromas in the kitchen later.......

Make Easter biscuits

Lovely round, crimp-edged buttery biscuits, got to be larger than usual biscuits, full of spice and currants. So big you have to snap them in half to dunk them in your tea LOL

Spend time with friemds and family

It's a nice time of year to have friends and family around, shared food and laughter, taking it easy. Not here, though, just us four, but that's what we like to do! Do your own thing..........

Spot of gardening

Weather permitting - not here, I fear; the forecast for today is not good, so will more than likely be indoors after mucking out the goats and trimming their feet :)

Plant potatoesTraditionally the day for planting your potatoes. This came about as it was the only day at this time of year that most workers got time off, so the vital job of tattie planting was doen today. It will be done here too, weather permitting.

Spare a thought for others...

Those who have to work, who are unable to spend time with family, those who are alone; those who choose to celebrate in ways different to your own, or not celebrate/mark the time of year at all.

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