Thursday, 16 April 2009

Busy busy.................. usual, but I don't seem to have got here much so far this week - will try and do better!

We had a lovely day out on Monday at the Lluest Horse and Pony trust in Wales; a small rescue centre run by a friend of mine from Creative Living and her husband. Great admiration for the hard work and dedication which is very apparent in the lovely place they have. I took a big pile of horse blankets for them, some made communally by forum embers, plus some crochet ones I had done too

I bought a little Welsh poppy for the garden, hope it does OK, I've not had much luck with them so far in my heavy soil, but fingers crossed.
Otherwise here, it's on with the seasonalt asks - cleaning and de-cluttering, seasonal brewing (nettle wine made, nettle ale just bottled, going out for gorse flowers tomorrow, then it's time for dandelions); lots of time spent out in the garden - potatoes in, first asparagus shoots showing, raspberries sorted out, lots of life going on in the greenhouses, general tidying up going on. I'm just about to get the front porch decirated too - MrL has done his bit with his masonry drill for a coat rack that's been waiting for a couple of years, lol, and he's amed a lovely shelf for the other side. I'm the painting department - not a huge job, but hope to get it done by the end of next week anyway.
More anon, hope all are well. April giveaway will appear very shortly too!

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Tea with Willow said...

Sounds like a very busy time Mrs L ... but it always seems easier to get things done when the sun is shining, doesn't it?!

I would love to visit Lluest - if only I lived a bit nearer!

Willow x