Tuesday, 26 May 2009

It's pink - it's quilted - it's vintage..............

.............and it's mine LOL

I've waited a few years for one to come along now, not wanting to pay the prices on e-bay and similar. This one is completely original, with only one tiny patch which I will probably replace as it's in a rather unfetching shade of denim blue... It's pink and green floral Paisly apttern, chintz, with its original frill intact around the edge, a single quilt, so it'll have to be just for me LOL. Found on Saturday in a local charity shop for £4.50. I'll get it sponged down today, and off up on the line, as it's a hefty old breeze out there, which is ideal. Must remember to peg it on well, though!
Very pleased with that find.
I also got a book called "Santa Fe Style" which is very inspiring - lovely colours, interesting houses, lots of pictures of local crafts to give ideas.I bought a few plants over the weekend too, mainly from roadside plant stands, so not much spent there. Got a meadowsweet (filipendula) for the orchard, a little violet, climbing hydrangea (to replace the poor clematis the chickens ate :( LOL); other ones included a beautiful fern to add to the growing collection beneath the front hedge - this one is called a Tatting Fern, and looks for all the world like tatting done along teh stems. Fascinating little plant. Got a nice tray of house leeks (semervivum) too, to start off a green living roof on one of the sheds. Going to be busy...............!

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