Monday, 25 May 2009

Meet the neighbours..............

Well - two of them! Mum is unusual for this farm in that she is horned; the calf is very sweet, and scoots about all over the place along with the other youngster who is currently in that field with her mum, both pure Aberdeen Angus.

Sorry for break in posting - few problems with the computer, but luckily I have a couple of young geniuses here who have sorted it out for me. Just as well, as I'm not exactly au fait with such things, apart from panicking when I can't sign in to Blogger :0 Anyway, all sorted.
We had to give the boot sale a miss this mroning as it started out quite wet. We dropped Bean at her boyfriend's house and went off and di a couple of other bits while we were in town, by which time it was glorious sunshine. Ah well. I already got a HUGE bargain on Saturday in the charity shop, will post a pic of that little treasure tomorrow, it's rather gorgeous. I also procured, for only £4 the penultimate tree for my collection here - a walnut. Very pleased with that, bought from a lovely old boy in the indoor market. Last one I would like is a Bramley apple, but that will come when the time is right.
Still no sign of any chicks, but the other bantam is sitting now too; still keeping a close eye on Barbara, but gearing myself up for disappointment, especially after I painted the little ark *pink* LOl
It's been very hot here over the weekend, I got good and brown on my arms and shoulders; it was lovely to sit outside with a cold glass or tow, and I even amnaged to fit a bit of gardening in too. Will take some updated pictures of the new orchard and its smart fence (with a bit of local history attached), and the veg beds which are coming along well.
Hope everyone is well, and has had the lovely weather we have had.

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