Friday, 22 May 2009

Do chickens know these things?

Barbara, one of my Buff Sussex bantams is sitting on 8 eggs. According to my calculations, they are due to hatch tomorrow 23rd, or the day after 24th. Looking for something else in my "In Tune with the Moon"**, I came across this:

Male or female chicks:

eggs collected around the time of the last quarter will produce mainly male chicks. For female chicks, eggs should be collected around teh first quarter. For best results, incubate the eggs so they hatch between the New Moon and the first quarter.

Now, she started sitting on 1st/2nd May - first quarter, so hopefully mainly female chicks. Eggs are being incubated so they should hatch 23rd, 24th or so - New Moon on 24th.

Teh last lot of hatchings were unsuccessful last year, but I didn;t have the book then to check. I wonder if she knows, or is in tune with the moon for sitting, hatching, etc, and has sat really well this time as according to the book, there is a good chance of a very successful hatch.
Here's hoping, but it will be interesting to test the theories.

** In Tune with the Moon, by Michael Gros, Findhorn Press ISBN 978-1-84409-151-5


Tea with Willow said...

This is sooo interesting Mrs L! Animals and birds are so intuitive - they rely completely on their senses don't they?! ... especially chickens, as they are always on the alert for predators etc. I'll bet she's got it all worked out!!

Willow xx

Auntie Noo said...

Ooooh I've got 6 due Saturday/Sunday too - how interesting.

MrsL said...

Will be interesting to compare notes!



Kim said...

Fingers crossed they all hatch well, hopefully no boys this time!

Kim x