Sunday, 17 May 2009

First sweet pea!

This is the very first, small, but perfectly formed sweet pea of the year, plucked from its vine yesterday morning - so much scent packed into that tiny bit of loveliness, it's amazing! Prettiest of colourings too, looking forward to more. Summer's just around the corner now..............

I sat and sewed in all the ends of these crochet squares whilst having coffee this morning; they are destined for America as my contribution to a forum swap.

Very wet here today, so no gardening, but might sow a few seeds in the greenhouse. Allybea kindly sent me some spaghetti dquash seeds, so need to get them in. Otherwise, cake making, probably, but I see the sun is shining now, it can't seem to make its mind up. LOL

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thesnailgarden said...

Oh I love sweet peas! That one is early...mine are still in the greenhouse! I have enjoyed catching up on all your posts, thank you. Best wishes, Pj x