Saturday, 16 May 2009

Pretty things...............:) I got these at the tip yesterday. The plate is Colclough and so pretty, but on its own - wonder what happened to the others? The little candlestick is pressed glass, and will be used in the winter. I got both of them, plus a hand woven willow pheasant for the garden (he will make an appearance later once installed in the veg garden LOL) for only £1. OK, so not necessary purchases, they aren't particularly useful, may be considered fripperies by some, but sometimes it's nice to break out of the practical/useful mould and give yourself a little smile when you catch sight of them in your home. They make me happy, and that's useful enough for me.


Leanne said...

Not fripperies.

Plates are always useful- I have many non matching plates in daily use, and that is part of their charm, each one tells a different story rather than being a clone in a set. Candlesticks/ holders are always useful- you never know when there will be power outages, and its good to be prepared for that.
as for the pheasant- it may well deter pigeons from raiding your veg!!

and if it doesnt, so what? Life has to have some joy, some fun, and if they give you pleasure, thats fine. We cant go through life blinkered so we only buy the very very necessary.thst would make for one very dull life.

Leanne x

H said...

I have a green candlestick very like your pink one (also matching bits - from a dressing table set) and I'm almost sure I saw a cup and saucer to match your plate this morning!

Lovely treasures :-)