Monday, 11 May 2009

Doing the rounds

One of the great gardening joys of spring onwards ( less so in the winter!) is doing the garden rounds in the morning. Close and regular observation in the garden pays ample reward - the first buds on trees, tiny leaves unfurling, soil teeming with life, birds on the wing and singing their hearts out, what's germinated in the greenhouses, in the veg beds, all the promise of good food to come. It takes over half an hour now, checking and watering the greenhouses and beds, but I do enjoy it. Everything is coming on well so far, and I noted the first tiny deep rose pink sweet pea bud this morning, broad beans flowering well, spring onions and carrots germinating, beans starting on their upward journey..............

Yesterday, I got my very own custom-shorn fleece; I chose a sheep ( a Romney X) and she was sheared right in front of me, and the fleece came home in a bag. How pleased am I with it?:)
Here's the shearer in action, almost done:

Progress will be reported on Figheade, my knitting blog - link on the right.

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