Friday, 15 May 2009

This has to stop.

I was hugely incensed last night watching the BBC news. This happens quite often, especially at the moment with all the Government expense fraud scandal, the overpaid banking executives, the finacncial messes and crises that continue unabated; but this took the biscuit.
On the 10 o'clock news, there was an article about how global warming is affecting the North Pole - melting of ice, lack of snow, serious concern about the depth of ice left, and the mind numbingly depressing news that the ice will most likely be gone in 20 years. Truly frightening stuff.
The report was about the current three man expedition to carry out srveys, take measurements, etc.
So - what do we get? A BBC reporter, complete with crew (camerman, producer probably, who knows who else) flying 700 miles each way for a few minutes reporting and some pictures. Not only the 700 niles, but they would have had to get somewhere before they headed off to the Pole, flying again. So, pray tell, will that help global warming and the melting of the ice caps by adding to the flying burden this planet is seen as having to bear? IT WILL NOT, and not only will it not help, it will intensify it.
A studio article would have sufficed, and waiting for the expedition to return and their reports and findings analysed and conveyed then. I'm sure they had cameras, recording equipment, etc, and pictures and reports from the actual project would have been more useful and relevant. We got some shots of a man drilling some ice and snippets of comments from the expedition on how cold it was and their (albeit valid) frost bite concerns. Well yes, it's the North Pole.............

When will the BBC wake up and realise how it is adding to the problems by flying their reporters all over the world for minutes of footage that can be amply described by studio interviews, reports from those at the scene already, phone links with locals, etc? It's not just this report, but many others that are increasing the huge burden on what's left of our planet. Their short sightedness and apparent disregard for the fragility of what we have left beggars belief.

Yes, there is a letter on the way to the BBC this morning.

After the grinding halt (hopefully) of the MP's expenses gravy train, I would like to see these BBC jollies stopped, and the organisation become more accountabloe not only to us who fund it, but to the planet , our children, and their future.


Jacqui said...

Oh - not having a TV, I miss out on these things, but you are so right. For a long time now the News programmes have been dumbed down to the extent that I wonder if they come under the Light Entertainment department (part of the reason we a TVless). I will add my concerns to yours in a letter to them (even though I am not a viewer)

MrsL said...

Thankyou Jacqui; if it was up to me, we would get rid of the TV too, but there are three others in the hosue who enjoy it, but we're all quite selective in what we do watch. You should not, however, have to be selective about the news............

Carolemc said...

How right you are Mrs L! In a similar vein I was down at the allotments on Sunday morning, and was depressed to hear two guys comparing notes on recent/upcoming trips to Rome, and Saudi!!!!!!!!!

Am I the only one who considers this madness? Thankfully my best friend down there only ever holidays in Scotland or Cumbria ...other wise I'd got mad.