Thursday, 18 June 2009

Sweetpeas and handspun...............

I picked this jugful of sweetpeas yesterday, the scent is incredible, and the whole kitchen smells of them, it's just lovely.I don;t often post pictures of my knitting here, as I usually put it on my knitting blog, but I just thought I'd share this one with you. Its handspun Southdown wool, and a pair of socks is underway. I finished the spinning last night, and was so excited, I was casting on just after 11pm......LOL
I't s beautiful day here again; we had quite a bit of rain ehre yesterday - great for the garden and for the butts, although the chickens weren't exactly enamoured with it! I'm off outside in a minute to pick more redcurrants and broad beans, then it's on with the washing. It's piled up a bit due to broken down washing machine, but I have a plan in place I think, will post later. I hoep everyone's got weather like I have today.

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Rowan said...

Those sweetpeas look so beautiful, I wish I could smell them, the scent is heavenly, one of my very favourite perfumes.