Monday, 27 July 2009

Home made envelopes

I like writing letters, and I like using nice paper for them - makes a change from bills in ominous looking brown envelopes whizzing through the box LOL. I used to write a lot of letters when I was younger, with penpals all over the world, but drifted away from it all. I've got back into it over the past few years, though, and find that everyone really appreciates a "real" letter - one of my friends even phoned up to say thankyou when I wrote to her last ...............LOL I used to decorate a lot of my enevelopes, themed to the recipient - drawings, little cartoons, paper cut outs, all sorts. It's quicka dn easy to make your own, and a good way of using up/re-using paper. For these ones, I used some smaller bits of art paper I had from another project/card making. As I have a few letters to get written thsi week, I made these the other day. Very easy, just use an oridary one of appropriate size, opening it out carefully - I used a bluntihs knife to slip between the joins. Cut around the patter, fold and dab a spot of paper glue on and leave to dry. If the paper is too dark/patterned to write on directly, just use a label or piece of lighter paper etc over it for the name and address. One of these on the doormat would cheer me up! I'm also investigating textile envelopes and communications for my own amusement - could be interesting!


Simone said...

A really nice idea and lovely to receive.

MelMel said...

They are really pretty, a great idea, x

mrs jones to be! said...

These are gorgeous Sarah. I think I may have to recycle some wallpaper samples I have laying about thanks for the inspiration!
Maxine x