Sunday, 26 July 2009

Monkfish and smoked eel pie with capers and white wine

I made this for supper tonight and it was really good, so thought I'd share the recipe.
Melt a large knob of good butter in a pan, and when hot, add monk fish cut into cubes; put on lid and cook gently until just done, then add in smoked eel, sliced or in chunks. Give a good stir, then remove to pie dish with slotted spoon. Turn up heat under pan with butter in, and add plain flour until thick, like making a white sauce; cook until it starts to honeycomb, then gradually add milk and white wine, cook gently until thickened. Season well and add a good handful of capers, and a handful of roughly chopped parsley, and pour over fish in pie dish. Top with mashed potato or pastry and cook in a hot oven until golden brown. Serve with peas or another green vegetable.

I haven't given any quantities as I didn't measure anything, but it's easily adaptable for however many you are catering for, and what you have in the way of fish, capers, etc.

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