Sunday, 15 November 2009


Teh weather here in Dorset has been truly seasonal the last couple of days - lashing rain, high winds (for here), chilly, miserable; but it is November after all, and we're on the cusp of early winter. I have no argument with the weather - ever. I never moan about it, as I feel that's a waste of time and effort - there's nothing to be done about it, so I just get on with it. However, I am the greatest respecter of weather and the forces of nature. When the weather is like it has been the last couple of days, I stay put. Only if it was urgent would I venture out; no point in putting life and limb (mine and others) at risk. Like a lot of things these days, some folks seem to think it's their 'right" to be able to go out and about as and when they want to; they'll travel miles in terrible weather just to go to the cinema or go shopping, or whatever.
We did forego our grocery shopping on Friday evening because of the wind and rain. We are equipped to last quite a while ehre foodwise, so one evening certainly wasn't going to hurt. When we got up on Saturday, weather had improved enough to go out, but we were still wary of fallen branches, flooding on the low road, etc. The local brook was very flooded,away out over the fields; seagulls were having a great time!The whole key to coping with the weather is to take notice of what is going on and act accordingly. Stupidity, impatience and a "Must have it now/go there now attitude" can and does cost lives. Why risk it? Teh furthest I venture is to the top of the garden to tend the beasties - that's enough for me.
The weather is bright this morning, but still cloudy; unsure what will follow later, but the picture above was taken this morning looking over towards Bulbarrow Hill. That was nice to get up to!


MoominMamma said...

I absolutely agree, I never understand why people get themselves all worked up over the weather!
Lovely picture! It's been overcast here all morning, but that's OK because I've spent the last couple of hours sorting out my daughter's cupboard - just having a cuppa and a catch up while I take a breather. :D
Have a lovely day x

Leanne said...

thats a lovely photo sarah, really captures the feeling of the early morning. I agree re the weather, i personally love a good storm, but i respect the power of it and dont venture out unless absolute need dictates it. some people are just plain daft!

Leanne x

alison young said...

theres no such thing as bad weather just the wrong clothing!!

MrsL said...

Ah Alison - a Billy Connelly fan?

Jacqui said...

Well - it has been like spring here today - a bit of heat still in the sun and bulb shoots springing up in tubs! Earlier on in the week we had quite a hard frost too. We just go with the flow and take advantage of whatever weather we get. Today we were outside - tomorrow if it is a rainy as they say, we might get on with inside things. Lovely photograph.

Becks said...

Its very wet and windy here. Which means that the boys talked their dad into going for a walk in the worst of it just to try out their new umbrellas. Pity dad didn't have one! Still they all had fun despite coming home in soaking trousers from jumping in puddles, yes daddy too.
All weather is fun weather for us. xx

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