Saturday, 21 November 2009

Quick and easy supper for a Saturday

I wanted something quick for tonight, and ended up with an easy, tasty supper - and frugal into the bargain. Put on a pot of water for pasta of your choice - I used farfalle; meanwhile, drain the oil from some sun-dried tomatoes into a frying pan over a medium to high heat (I got my tomatoes at a rock bottom reduced price last night, using 2 x 150g tubs, in oil and herbs); when hot, slice in some leeks (I went to the vegetable basket for onions, but found a couple of leeks that needed using up soon), and when starting to soften, add in the tomatoes. Cook pasta when the water boils. Drain pasta, give it a good shake and return to the hot pan; mix through the tomatoes and leeks, and add in a good two handfuls of crumbled blue cheese - I used Stilton as that's what I had. Reheat for a minute or two and serve.
So, for under about 4.00 that fed us all(4 adults), washed down with a bottle of gooseberry wine. What started out as a plainish supper of pasta with tomato and onion sauce turned into something really good that I will do again.
It may well turn out differently according to what's in the larder and fridge, but that's half the fun of cooking for me.


Laura said...

Um blue cheese ummmmmmmm. Stopping in from D2E.

MrsL said...

Hello Laura! Big blue cheese fans here too. We live next door but one farm away from where the unique Dorset Blue Vinney is made, so it's right on our doorstep when we want it!



The Squirrel Family said...

Sounds lush Sarah i think cheese and leeks have a great affinity and love the sweetness of sundried toms .....................inspirational!

Squirmy said...

That sounds tasty, might have to give that a go myself! =)

Squirmy x

Vivianne said...

oooh, I was with you up until the blue cheese; Philistine that I am, anything with mould in/on it goes in the trash ! :-)

MrsL said...

You could use a white cheese- something crumbly would work well.