Monday, 23 November 2009

Isn't it nice to.................

- shut the thick curtains agains the dark and cold night

- have a lovely family and home

- enjoy good health

- have good friends

- have nothing planned for tomorrow

- look forward to an evening's knitting

- have a new book to read

- have a new catalogue *about* books to read

- know you have warm and nourishing food to feed your family

- see the moon

- shut the door behind you, knowing you don't have to go out again today

- have got a difficult meeting over with

- have time to stop and look in the garden even in the pouring rain

- fold clean, dry washing and put it away, smelling of fresh air

- look forward to things

- drift off to sleep having knowledge of the above

- be able to count your blessings

I hope you're as lucky as I am. :)


Tea with Willow said...

Lovely post Mrs L! ... and just the job to remind me of all that's good in the (sometimes dreary) month of November!

I'm returning to Blogland after a long summer absence and I'm so enjoying catching up on all my favourite Blogs!

Remember this time last year? You were knitting the lovely little rabbit in a red jumper for my son - it still has pride of place on his bed with the other cuddlies, even though he's nearly 13!!

Love, Willow xx

Julie said...

like this post very much - would make a great meme to pass on to other blog writers ;-)