Saturday, 16 January 2010


We are lucky enough to have pheasants living in the fields and woods behind our house; one of them is a large cock pheasant, MrP we shall call him,who has been around for a long time now. He comes and goes as he pleases, but has been around the field behind the chicken run for the past few mornings. Last year he flew over into the run and fed with the chcikens and ducks, or came in before they were let out; he brought his brood on and off too - MrsP and two little hens and a young cock bird. It was lovely to see. At the moment, he's alone, but is obviously hungry. I knew he'd been around, as there were great big prints in the snow - none of my birds have feet that big, so I knew it was him. He's been hanging around for the past few mornings now, and I've been throwing a handful of corn over for him; before, he was able to fly up and over into the run, but this was made harder as we had to up the height of the fence as a fox deterrent, after losing some ducks :(. I was delighted to see him waiting for me this morning, so threw his corn and he came right up to the fence, but keeping a wary eye all the same. It's nice to see him so close up, and no different to feeding the sparrows or robins.
Ironically enough, one of this morning's jobs was processing 3 brace of pheasants I was lucky enough to be given. I hope no-one gets MrP for the pot, though!

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Ruth@VS said...

I do love to see pheasants, we have a small population here too, and they did breed successfully last year. Have seen the male bird recently, the local semi-wild cat tried to catch him, but understandably the bird flew up into a tree! I put out food in a feeder for the small birds, which the squirrel also goes for (hanging upside down!), the jackdaws have learned to feed from it and other birds lurk around for the dropped seeds - recently a moorhen called by. It's nice to help out the birds in the winter.