Wednesday, 13 January 2010


I love wood; making things out of it, sawing it, chopping it, carrying logs, nailing it, building animal houses, being in the woods themselves, foraging for firewood, looking closely at the trees and the numerous life forms they support.
I'm not that good at working with it, though, and definitely need a lot more practice, but it's something I really enjoy. This year, I want to get on with some spoonmaking, some buttons and would love to get as far as building us a pole lathe in the garden and having a go on that. Why not? Anything is possible..........
To this end, my tools are laid out on the kitchen table ready to make a start on my first spoon. I'm looking forward to having a go, and if it's vaguely spoon-shaped at the end of it, then that'll be a bonus!
I have a few books on the subject, my favourite one at the moment is Country Woodworker, by Jack Hill. I've had this book for many years now, and often just sit and look at the pictures - homely, evocative, inviting, inspiring.

This is the sort of bed I'd like for our room when we eventually get around to giving it an overhaul:

This, however, is my woody ambition for this year:

Soem wooden spoons, handmade by me, and a rack to keep them in. A bit ambitious for a novice like me, but I'm the eternal optimist, me. :)I'll have a lot of fun and learn a lot whilst trying.
Hopefully I'll have something to report back soon.


aromatic said...

You never fail to amaze me! I have every confidence that you will make something really beautiful in wood! You are such an inspiration to me!!
Jane xxx

Carolyn said...

I love wood too in all its guises.
I am so desperately wanting wooden bowls and plates, but have yet to persuade hubby to part with that sort of cash!!!
One of my boys loves wood too.....he made some wooden spoons once. Way back at the beginning of our HE adventure!!!
Maybe we can compare notes!! LOL

Anonymous said...

i fancy having a go at spoon making. himself has taken up whittling..and actually making some nice things..

so many things I want to do and try!

MoominMamma said...

That bed looks so inviting doesn't it!

Really looking forward to reading about your adventures making spoons etc.

RodH-Family said...

I think that be able to work and make things out of wood is just amazing ... I wish I could do so...
Good luck with your spoon making.
Greetings from Spain.

MrsL said...

Thanks all! Have lined up a bit of time this afternoon to make a start - got a bit side-tracked eysterday LOL