Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Pig in a box

This arrived on my doorstep this morning - a whole pig (minus head) in a box! I ordered it from a friend last summer, after having met him and got into conversation with him at a local event I was doing a spinning demonstration at. He had three wee weaners, Oxford Sandy and Black, and I met them fairly frequently between then and Christmas. They were butchered at a local abbatoir, so I couldn't get much more local unless I kept them myself (still under discussion with MrL, but looking unlikely - never say never, though lol) Theres a lot of meat there, plus a big bag of offal and a huge bag of bones, and I'll be getting stuck in tomorrow to get it sorted, with a view to curing bacon, making sausages and hams. The next pig I get, already ordered for next year, I will be butchering myself.
I was organised enough to get one of the freezers cleared out, apart from 3 trotters left from a previous pig we had, so there's plenty of room to get it sorted out, labelled and sensibly stacked in there. That amount of meat should keep us going for a long time I hope.
So - what's for tea, MrsL?

Roast chicken ofcourse!!! LOL


MoominMamma said...

Wow! That's a big box of piggy wig!
I don't eat meat any more, but I'm still looking forward to reading any recipes you will post - my Dad may enjoy them.

Had to laugh when I read you are having roast chook for your dinner!

MrsL said...

It was very nice too - with potato salad, pickled red cabbage and pickled onions :)

Roast pork tonight, though!