Friday, 22 January 2010

St Vincent's Day

- is today, 22nd January. this is the feast day of St Vincent of Saragossa, the first Spanish martyr, who died in the early 4th century AD (after enduring a variety of tortures without complaint, according to legend). The weather on St Vincnet's Day is used in amateur forecasting and divination: wind and sun on 22 nd January are favourable omens for the coming year's crops of grain and grape.
(Chambers Book of Days)

Remember on St Vincent's Day,
If the sun his beams display,
Be sure to mark the transient beam,
Which through the casement sheds a gleam,
For 'tis a token bright and clear
Of prosperous weather all the year.

Traditional rhyme


Anonymous said... started foggy, then rained and is now sunny. .... guess we are in for typical British weather then :)

marigold said...

Hazy sunshine and a light breeze here, hope that's good enough for St Vincent!