Saturday, 2 January 2010

A year of possibilities...........

....... stretches ahead of me; I have a head full of plans and ideas, projects and intentions - about par for the course for a new year. It's like having a whole new day in front of you, only bigger! There's a lot I want to tackle this year, but not so much that I can't attempt it all and get most of it done at least.


Get on with the decorating that fizzled out at the back end of 2009 due to illness
Get the rest of the curtains sorted
More de-cluttering
Make sure I actually use what I've got - if not, away it goes!
Keep on top of the housework, laundry, etc
Keep the housework to the mornings only, freeing up the afternoons for gardening, making, reading, thinking, etc - I do this more or less already, but needs refining a bit!
Try and clear the kitchen every evening, ready for the next day
Get back on track with prepping, stocking up, etc
Be more organised with my paperwork - badly needed, this one!


Grow more vegetables
Try some new "old" varieties
Take more time to sit out and enjoy it
More bird watching
Tidy the shed LOL - it's a bit hairy in there!
Get rid of as much plastic as possible, sue clay pots, wooden trays etc
Rejuvenate all the ponds
Plant a couple more trees
Start coppicing
Charcoal burning
Get the bread/pizza oven built
Maybe breed some rare breed chickens
Grow a good dye garden
Plant more wild/foraging plants
Investigate forest gardening and apply
Ditto more biodynamics and planting by the moon
Try and grow a year's worth of tomatoes for bottling, fresh and sauce, etc


Make more bread and expand my range
Ditto cheese
Bake more
Make more clothes
Knit more socks
Start at least one new craft
Make more music - keep the fiddle going, get out guitar and banjo
Make more cards to replenish year's stock
Spin more
Dye more
Make a year's worth of saop
Make more candles

Me time (very important!)

Get back to drawing and painting
Walk more
Get to the woods more
Avoid people that annoy me - that includes on the net!
Spend more time just being, thinking, musing, preferably out in the garden
Keep up the reading
Keep out of the bigger towns as much as possible

Bits and bobs

Use it up
Avoid the supermarkets even more
Eat more healthily
Hang my clothes up!
Get the book/s finished and published
Keep up with the blogs, happy to share my recipes, thoughts, patterns, etc
Have more faith in my own abilities

Not resolutions as such, more building on and refining what I do already, another stage in the progression of the way I live I suppose

Most of all - take it slowly, and relish the whole of 2010; enjoy every minute of it if I can, make the most of it all and be content.

It all looks do-able and possible written down like that, doesn't it? lol I'll see how I go, but you'll be able to follow my progress on here as usual. Never mind, onwards and upwards with hope in my heart.................


MoominMamma said...

I think that is a fantastic list - I do hope 'sleep' is on there somewhere! ;)
I'm very interested in all the garden projects, as someone who doesn't have a garden as such I'm always envious of what others can do.
The pizza/bread oven and planting by moonlight are of particular interest to me.
All the best :)

Leanne said...

fab list- lots of exciting things on there as well as the more mundane. it will be intyeresting to read your review of this at years end sarah, I bet more will be crossed off than not!

Leanne x

C. E. Webster said...

Great list. Good luck!

a.rogue said...

I don't know where the "me time" could possibly fit in with that very big list ;) If you have a secret to extra energy or adding time to the 24 hour day please share it in a future post!
Happy New Year and thank you for the inspiration,

Jayne said...

Wow! What a fantastic list. Good Luck.

Jayne xx

aromatic said...

What a fantastic list!! I really hope you achieve most of what you have listed and I am quite convinced that you will most certainly achieve most of it...
Some great ideas... really interested in the plants for dyeing.... never thought of that... would love to know more!
Where do you find your energy from... think you should bottle that.. any tips will be eagerly welcomed!!
Wishing you all the Very Best for the New Year and wish you well with your wonderful projects ahead!!
Love Jane xxx

thesnailgarden said...

Wishing you a very Happy New Year - it looks like you are going to be busy :) best wishes, Pj x

Rowan said...

That's almost a list I could have written except that you are much further on with achieving these things than I am. A good many of the things had me thinking 'Me too, me too!' I feel a similar sort of list coming on - Happy New Year Sarah!

MrsL said...

Thanks all! Hope you achieve your goals and dreams too, everyone.

Hello Rowan! :)