Thursday, 25 February 2010

A day out

MrL,EJ and I spent the day in Exeter yesterday - EJ's choice, for his birthday. He wanted to go to Mansons music shop, so we left him there for a few hours and had a look around - mainly down the more interesting end of the shopping area, Fore Street and further down. Some lovely shops.
We had tea at the Real MacCoy's:

Fabulous retro clothing and more, excellent cup of tea too - I know what's important!

We took a look around Otto's:
Some great stuff in there, looks like our tip sometimes a bit, where I get my things from!
Another one was a music shop up a side street, full of violins, mandolins and cellos - beautiful to look at.........
Found an excellent wool shop called heavenly Yarns - pop in if you're in Exeter, she has some very beautiful wools in there, lovely friendly girl helping out and a nice retro table to sit at, just like we had in our kitchen when I was wee LOL. I was very taken with her Open/Closed sign. If and when I get my wool shop, I shall have something similar:

One for all the NIMBYs LOL:

We found a lovely shop making handmade shoes, so might save up and order a pair from there for next winter.
The town itself hasn't changed much since I was last there in 1987, really. Even the Peace/CND shop is still there! Needless to say I went in and got up to date with a bit of petition signing.
It was nice to spend a few hours in a vibrant, colourful place, especially down that end of the town, away from the "normal" shops at the top. Makes me realise how much of my "alternativeness" I have lost.............need to re-address that, definitely. LOL
Great day out. :)


Jess said...

I used to be a waitress at the real mccoy. I used to take coffees down to mansons when it was round the corner and thrash out 'smoke on the water' on a fender lol.

Fore streets fab, next time you go to exeter let me know and I get the bus in for a tea.

tang x

MrsL said...

Ha - small world! We'll be going back in the summer - I think Bean will love it there.



Leanne said...

sounds wonderful!

Leanne x

MrsL said...

EJ very impressed, tang LOL
It was a good day, Leanne, there's a bit of history to do with the wool trade I'd like to have a look at too.