Sunday, 21 February 2010

Hot off the needles!

Thought you might like to see how I spent my Sunday afternoon; felt a bit out of sorts (think it's the ****** neighbour and his trees..........), so I sat and knitted/sewed up. I got these two finished. The first is the Samhain tee from Yarn Forward magazine, the second a cropped cardigan from another back copy of a knitting magazine I picked up somewhere. The purple is some very beautiful Donegal tweed, all the way from Ireland. MrL raised his eyebrows at the cost but hey ho, it's I fared better, cost-wise, with the second one, as the yarn for that (Patons Vintage in "Burnished" came in at only 7.08 - yes, even for my size! I also paid for that oen msyelf.;) lol Both for me, and about time too; very pleased with both.
Back on the socks again now.........

By the way, bullace gin is every bit as good as sloe gin...........


a.rogue said...

Well done! It's nice to make something for yourself - isn't it?!

aromatic said...

They are lovely!! I do hope you are feeling less upset by your stupid, thoughtless neighbour.... things like that seem to get under your skin and niggle for days but its better if you can just let it go as in the end there is nothing you can do about it.
Your lovely trees will make up for the loss of next doors and you can be sure you will have much enjoyment from them as the years go by. At least those lovely tops are now ready for you to wear so some good came out of the bad so to speak!!
Hope your day is better today!
Love Jane xxx

MoominMamma said...

Oh my! Love the colour of the first one, that is just gorgeous!
I hope that you are feeling happier today? Will we get to see pictures of the new trees that you will squeeze in? I love pictures of trees! :D
Kath xx

MrsL said...

LOL will do, Kath :)