Friday, 26 March 2010

A Friday full of possibilities.............

Every day is full of possibilities, but Friday has a special feel to it, the weekend imminent - going out and about or staying at home, but having the choice; leisurely breakfasts;family at home; pootling about. Friday has its own way of leading up to the weekend. Friday night is for wine and home made murgh makhani (butter chicken curry, a la Hugh F-W), reading on the sofa, long hot baths, Scrabble games on the board or the net, lighting the woodburner and watching the flames, planning for the week, the month, the year , the years ahead.....
Before I get there, I have the whole day ahead of me; what will I do?

Clean out the goat yard?
Write some letters?
Knitting or sewing? Both?
Long walk with the dog?
Go up to the woods and look for wildflowers/have an early forage?
Make something wonderful in the kitchen?
Bit of brewing?
Chicken watching?
Seed sowing?
Plant forget-me-nots and violas?
Drink tea outside by the fire pit?
Have a burn up of papers in the incinerator?
Sort out the craft stuff in the cabin?
Clear the third greenhouse out ready for summer?
Prune the buddleias?
All of these?
None of these?

I'll come back and let you know.
Hope everyone enjoys their Fridays - what do you like about them?


Lulu said...

i cleaned house early this morning so i can have the weekend free to knit/crochet..I even baked chicken early today so i dont have to cook this weekend..Love it..
Have a lovely day..

Eco Gites of Lenault said...

I had a long list and did nothing at all on it. We spent longer in town than expected, sorting out vehicles and choosing tiles for the gite then longer with friends than expected. Ah well - tomorrow dawns another day.

Rosie x