Sunday, 7 March 2010

I've only got two ears.............. why do I need 53 pairs of earrings? I kid you not, LOL.I got around to sorting through them this morning, and only keeping the ones I really, really like. Not sure how many/few I have left, but it's certainly a lot less. I've sorted through my other jewellery too, and now I need to get a new box to keep it all in. Should be a lot less hassle to find the ones I want too. :) The two boxes of bits I don;t want will got to Bean for a rummage, then on to a charity shop.
Feeling virtuous!

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aromatic said...

This is so amusing as I did the very same thing on Friday.. I also discovered earrings that I had completely forgotten about.. so my ears will be adorned with a little more choice which will make a nice change.. and its another one of those little things ticked off the to-do list!!
Love Jane xxx