Saturday, 13 March 2010

Valentine's Day present from a Little Mester

It's alright, I haven't lost it, I know it's March the 13th LOL. However, my Valentine's Day rpesent has arrived, and it was well worth the wait.

It's a pruning knife, steel, brass and rosewood, made by this chap here:

Isn't that lovely? Definitely a thing of beauty that will see me out on this earth; MrL got a knife too, but a pocket knife rather than a pruning knife - I do the pruning around here!
Thrilled to bits.


pattypan.2 said...

Oh how lovely - a nice sturdy practical knife. I am so glad you explained I was beginning to think you knew something I didn't i.e. they had moved Valentine's day. Hope the knife works as handsomely as it looks.

Take care



Rowan said...

It's beautiful, there are still a few real craftsmen left in Sheffield.