Saturday, 3 April 2010

Complete and utter chaos

- here tonight...... MrL has been stripping off the last bits of the wallpaper at one end of the kitchen; the dresser is dismantled and the dishes and things are all over the kitchen, and will be for at least a week until plaster is repaired, and the wall painted green to match the rest of it. I can hardly see the kitchen table..........
I can hardly see the bed either - the needle sorting continued on and I started on some other stuff that needs sorting and deciding what to do with. |The bed is piled with random stuff that will need to be sorted before bedtime, after I've fought my way to the kitchen sink to wash up..........
I'd forgotten about the paint sampling I'd done many years ago, just after we moved in:

It reappeared when teh dresser was moved; as it turns out, none of these was chosen, the kitchen is (mostly so far) a period green colour. Hopefully by this time next week, the *whole* kitchen will be the same colour.

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