Thursday, 1 April 2010

The Unbought Rug Challenge!

I've just seen a picture of a rather nice rug, from a company who sell rug kits. I won't buy it, due to cost, and the make-it-myself ethic, but it would make a lovely rag rug, so I'm off on another one..........LOL
We all like rugs, I suspect; we have no carpets here, so rugs warm the floors, our feet and brighten things up. I like to have different ones for winter and summer, but now need a few new ones.
Click on the page above to find out more - will you join me? Shold be fun, and we can encourage each other along the way on our rug-along :)


Anonymous said...

Hi I would love to make a rug along with you. I have no idea where to start. Would love some tips.

brightandnew said...

Another one here who wouldnt have a clue how to make a rug! lol!

ravylesley said...

Oh great I've been meaning to have a bash at rag-rugging for yonks as it seems a really eco-friendly thing to make especially with four tinies outgrowing clothes at a rate of knots and none of them being fit to pass on


Anonymous said...

I made one last yr by cutting old t-shirts into 4 inch wide strips and then plaiting them together. I stitched them in an oval shape and have a small but thick and free mat now. I stitched the ends of the strips together as I plaited to make it a long continuous braid.
Will email u a pic :)

Sue Caissy