Saturday, 10 April 2010

"Do-able renewables"

This is how an event in town is billed, so we're going along to have a look. Should be interesting. I'm all for renewable energy of all sorts, but I've a feeling some of this may just be trying to get folks to buy expensive equipment so that they can "take advantage" of the scheme for selling it back to the grid. Not quite the angle I'm coming from; I'd like to see proper and huge ivnestment by a government who cares and a monumental drive to get folks to use *less* power in all areas. It is a huge investment for most families to make, with no guaranteed payback; resources used for manufacturing and transporting equipment that may not work at a decent capacity due to insufficient wind /solar power; greenwash;fashionable thing to do - lots of ???? from me, needless to say.
We shall see what we sahll see, as my father used to say.
I will report back. :)

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