Friday, 21 May 2010

Homemade cream cheese

I've just re-posted this on a forum, thought I'd share it here too.

4 pints full cream milk
1 /2 pint double cream

Warm the milk to just slightly warm to the touch, then add the rennet - a few drops. Cover and leave until the curd forms. Cut the curd and leave again until it sinks. Drain, and strain through musling. Beat the double cream into the strained curd.
You can add a little salt if you like; keep in the fridge.

That's the way I make mine, loosely based on a Katie Thear method.

You'll never buy Philadelphia again! This amkes a big quantity, so scale it down if needs be; it's really good with ramsons or Jack by the Hedge chopped into it, or mint, parsley, etc

Also, it makes the best cheesecake ever!


Karen Lizzie said...

Please can I ask what type of rennet you use for the cheese? Do you use the ordinary type from the supermarket that is sold to make junket, or do you buy chees makers rennet? My last efforts at a soft cheese were not a success, but would love to try again.

Thank you

MrsL said...

Hi Karen Lizzie,

I use Vegeren, which I get from the supermarket - the stuff for junket etc. It's also the one I use for all my cheesemaking - hard and soft. Frome experience, it's important to use it well in use by date, or it won;t work in all likelihood.



Annie said...

Is it OK to use homogenised milk? I can get unhomogenised from the Farmer's Market, but supermarket milk is more readily available...