Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Making bread............

One of my passions in life is good homemade food, which will be obvious if you read here, and an intrinsic part of my love of good food is good bread. The best bread you can make is by hand, at home, with good ingredients. I make bread regularly, aiming to progress to full time soon, but keeping up with the hungry hoards here is a real challenge! When I buy bread, I buy good bread, but the home made wins hands down every time.
I was much cheered by a conversation in the pub last night, talking to two friends, both male. One took up breadmaking when he retired, and makes all their bread now, by hand. The other has a young family, and makes bread with his 10 year old daughter, again by hand.

Wonderful, there is a spark of hope..............:))


The Vintage Anarchist said...

Did you make bread today?? :) I want some now lol ^_^ x

Anonymous said...

My Dad taught me how to make bread when I was a child. My Mum used to make bread out of neccesity. I still make bread. I have never used a bread maker and never will.
Amazing what flour, salt , yeast and water can produce!