Thursday, 10 June 2010

Gardening in the rain..........

I am usually a fair weather gardener, and have a tendency to skulk in one of the greenhouses if the rain starts - not always conducive to a good garden really! However, there is rain and there is rain - you know what I mean :) Summer rain is just wonderful - fresh, clean, splashing off green foliage, refreshing and invigorating, not unpleasant to be out and doing in, wonderful to listen to.
On Monday morning, I was literally venturing out of the backdoor to plant some beans when it started - a gentle plop plopping to begin with, so I thought I'd get the beans in anyway. I didn't bother with a coat or hat, just a sleevless t-shirt and skirt - what I already had on.
I stayed out in it for the best part of two hours, getting wetter and wetter as the rain intensified into a good, steady downpour, really. I got lots of vegetables planted out into their growing positions, and a good number of waiting plants out of their pots and into the ground.
I also spent quite a while just standing there, trowel in hand, face raised to the sky, just watching it rain - fascinating, spellbinding and awe inspiring. Rain, something so seemingly simple that can so easily be taken for granted.
Yes, I was soaked through, but the invigorating effect of that rain is something I will remember for a long time. I came back indoors eventually, refreshed and recharged.
Gardening in the rain - definitely recommended :)


Eco Gites of Lenault said...

Just what I have been doing today. I started with a raincoat but that soon got taken off as I dug my way through a jungle of weeds that were too hard to pull in the dry weather. Very satisfying and everything I planted out yesterday got a really good watering in today :-)

Rosie x

Anonymous said...

When my children were younger we used to play in the rain. I haven't done it in years.
I have some more seeds that need to be planted.
We have had so much rain here lately and it being so hot I think it would be rather fun. No matter that my kids are now grown!

nocton4 said...

had a dance in the rain, thunder and lightening the other evening, wonderful ... happy gardening xx

Hardup Hester said...

The Minder always tells me 'you'll get wet' when I go out in the rain & I always say 'yes & then I'll get dry'

IslandHome said...

I envy you your summer rain - I'm trying to get out in the garden to plant garlic but keep getting driven back inside with icy needles of winter rain that send me scurrying to the fire. Happy gardening :-)