Sunday, 13 June 2010

Letting things be................

My garden could be described as somewhat rambling; this year it's gone blowsy and full, dripping with fertility, resulting in the most glorious slightly unkempt looking mix of flowers, fruit, vegetables, herbs, grasses - you name it!
I love it like this - the wildness takes the edge off man's attempts to control nature, and nature herself cannot be bettered for colour combinations, getting the right plant in the right place and making sure everything gets along just fine.
The picture of the yellow Graham Thomas rose scrambling up the the young hazel tree could be a metaphor for life - don't interfere - take a step back, and things will find their own place and balance, there will be mutual support and help along the way, the result being something that will astound you in its simplicity and its sheer and absolute rightness.


Alise said...

i agree with you, i love the wildness - it is how things should be. I always wonder about people who need their hedges and shrubs trimmed into perfect squares or circles, or need to mow perfect lines on the lawn.

Jane said...

Nature always knows how to balance perfectly. Why don't we learn?