Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Homemade pasta

I made canneloni for supper tongiht - anyone else get *SO* fed up trying to spoon the filling into those tiny bought tubes that just break when you do it, then taste of nothing when they're cooked? Here's the answer!
I use the proepr pasta flour as I am able to find it fairly easily; however, good plain flour works fine too I've found. I have a pasta machine I use for rolling thin sheets for sutting into tagliatelle etc, but for sheets for lasagne and canneloni, I just roll out with the rolling pin.
When cooked, you can actually taste the pasta, it makes a huge difference to the finished dish, I can assure you. Any extra freezes well, so you could make a big batch, divide and freeeze it to keep you going for a while.
Various things can be added - spinach, pureed nettles, tomato puree etc.
This batch took 7 minutes from start to finish and is very easy to make.

10 oz of pasta or plain flour
3 large eggs
generous tablespoon of oil - olive, vegetable, walnut etc
cold water to mix if required

Mix it all together and knead gently until smooth. That's it ! Roll out and use as required.
For tagliatelle, cut into strips and hang over the back of a chair until needed.


Carolemc said...

Thanks for the reminder Mrs L - its ages since I've done this and the pasta machine is gathering dust!

I agree it is much nicer - perhaps next week when I'm on holiday.

karen said...

oh my!!! You make that sound sooo easy. Why haven't I done this before?
Hhhmmmmm I think I may just have to give this a go.

Brooke said...

I is important to divide the batch as you say and freeze it so that you can use it in another meal or some day when you are on a hurry. When I travelled to Argentina, I had rented one of those buenos aires apartments and I had my own kitchen there. I prepared the best dishes, including homemade pasta, and it ended up being so delicious that I started making it at home.
Now my children love it!