Sunday, 20 February 2011

600 bajhis............ the amount I reckon I could make if I used all my stash of gram flour lol Packing continues apace here, getting through it and getting there. Gram flour discoveryw as a result of starting on teh store cupboard yesterday. A lot of things (as in 'What the hell is this??????????' from OH who was up on the chair, handing itmes down) won't get used if I leave them, so they're coming with me. Enough dried and other milk for about 4 months and the most beans I've ever seen outside a well-stocked health food shop lol Still got 2 shelves to go, and all the bottled fruit and preserves.
Have had to cull my books by about half, but not the cookery books - oh no, they're sacrosanct. Feel quite virtuous, but it's still a large number of boxes just of books. Stash is greatly reduced too, by donating to Bean who is very grateful, which is nice. Should be room for looms and definitely one of the spinning wheels, if not both - he says the van's a big one lol We'll see............. rocking chair and home brew kit all going too ofcourse lol
House is full of boxes to fall over, but time's getting on.
Van will be here friday morning, and I'll be going by train on the Saturday, to the snowy north lol.
Will post before I go, even if it's only to ask if I've forgotten anything lol
Hope all are well, stay warm


Carolemc said...

Good luck Sarah - hope the move goes well.

mrsnesbitt said...

Ooooooooooooooooooooh! Exciting stuff! Having a clear out here too! Saturday eh? Fantastic!

Eileen said...

It must be so hard Sarah to sort through stuff and know you have to leave some treasures behind...I do hope things work out for are moving to a beautiful area....I saw a show on the BBC channel lately featuring the of luck.

MrsL said...

Oh having bath, so pausing for supper and a rest; have just twisted knee *again*, so that'll help a lot lol Hall porch and stairwell ( quilts on wall done) and part of bathroom; landing and rest of bathroom later.
It's going well so far, but getting hard to manouvre around the boxes lol
It is hard, Eileen, but luckily I don;t get very sentimentally attached to'things' and 'stuff. If things had got unbearable, I could ahve walked away and left the lot at a push.
Where I'm going is indeed
beautiful, right on the edge of teh Yorkshire Dales, where the Swaledale sheep live. Oh how handy lol

pattypan.2 said...

Hope everything works out for you Sarah the packing up is the worst bit. I remember that well. Just take care and look after yourself and let us know when you have landed in the North (you are going to be further up than me now)

Tricia (aka pattypan)