Tuesday, 22 February 2011


.......I've rediscovered. Only one item in this list is one that I didn't find yesterday when packing lol Guess which one?
Box of wooden cotton reels, baby rattle, application form for a passport, brand new tilly lamp, 5 packets of pipe cleaners, cast iron trivet, wooden picture frames (no glass, 4 of), Alexanders seeds, desert scarf, copy of Country Living from 1996, time capsule, rug hook, original pattern for Sanquhar gloves, dog collar from last dog, my old CV (needs updating, somewhat lol), 4m of redpetticoat flannel, end of teh curtain pole, book on rabbit keeping, several single earrings, downshifting book (oh the irony lol), handful of shells from Arran, make-your-own-shoes kit, christening egg cup and napkin ring (mine, must be antique now!), 3 old address books..................I'll stop there!
Great fun, but do I really *need* all these things ??!

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