Sunday, 27 March 2011

Creative Living forum

We had a bit of a glitch last week, when the forum was 'off air' for quite a while - about a day and a half I reckon. However, the Froum provider I use for it is excellent, and they are very quick to pick up on anything going awry and sorting it out as fast as they can, so all credit to them. This , coupled with a not wonderful signal at home has meant that I appear not to have been onlne as much as usual, but I hope that is sorting itself out. My studio/workroom usptairs is almost sorted out and ready for use, and I will be using my trusty laptop up there, where it can be permanently left out ready for use; thus, you should see a bit more of me, so to speak.
The other thing that I picked up on last week whilst the forumw as down is that some people seem to think I'm giving up the forum, or had closed it down or similar. I can assure you that nothing is further from the truth. It's been going 6 years now, and is as healthy as always, although a few bits and peices need updating, which I will get to as soon as I can. So, it's not closing down, I'm still head honcho, I'm not moving it, selling it, or handing the reins over to anyone else - it's still my baby! lol Everyone is welcome - come on over for a look, join in if you like, and have your say :))

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Sarah said...

And a fantastic place the Creative Living forum is too Mrs L!