Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Raining here today, but although I got damp on the way to the library it's very welcome for the garden now; we've planted a lot of plants and sown seed, so a good thorough soak is what they need, indeed it's been the dryest March for a while according to one forecast I watched. Gives me the chance to get on with some indoor jobs, though, without feeling I 'should' be outside making the most of the dry and the sunshine.
Knitting madly to get ready to stock up on my Etsy/folksy shops, hoping to get them up and running next week. My craftrom/studio is almost ready, couple more shelves to get put up, then move the last of the stuff around and I can really get stuck in.
Applying for jobs too, have 3 CVs to deliver tomorrow, all cooking/catering, but it's my choice of work now I have to go back, but part-time or full-time would both suit at the moment. I may find my age against me, though, and the fact I've been away from full-time employment for some 19 odd years! I've also approached a local wool company to ask if they need any knitters, and am awaiting a response from them - would help keep the wolf from the door a bit if I could get into that.
However, staying optimistic and hopeful, something will turn up and I've plenty to keep me busy in the meantime.
OH was amazed to hear I've never actually been bored in my life, and it's true, I can honestly say I never have. I can sit still and do nothing, but I'm never actually bored. How about you?

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pattypan.2 said...

No - I've never been bored either - too much to do too little time to do it and even when I do have time on my hands there's always something I can be doing - I know how to keep myself occupied/entertained. Glad you settling in nicely. Nice to see you back posting.

Take care