Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Can there be such a thing as 'too much stuff'?

I've started clearing out my seond shed, with a view to using it for main storage whilst in the cabin. Glorious day here, so I'm able to make a good start, and sit the stuff outside. There's a lot of stuff........... lol
However, I've only really just started, but I can see now that my hoarding 'too much stuff' is going to come in so useful now.So far, I've got for the cabin - beautiful curved wooden bookcase/shelf (needs fixing up, but basically sound) - I might put it on top of the potting table and move it in as a sort of dresser/worktop arrangement if there's room; my other meat safe, needs a bit of work too, but in good condition; wheelie baskets for wooding/foraging; all sorts of useful storage boxes; various enamel saucepans and stainless saucepans; my cauldron; enamel washing up bowl (useful); beautiful vintage tool box complete with tools I'd forgotten about; a wooden slatted blind ideal for cutting into plant labels; a really good stainless steel urn, could be used for drinking water, complete with tap on the bottom; fruit press; even a very nice old wirework soap dish lol Most of what I've been keeping has come from the tip for pennies.
As I'm aiming to furnish the cabin as much as humanly possible with re-used/recycled stuff, this had been a great boost to my  plans - you know when you really think about something for a while, all sorts of doubts creep in, but I know now that I can do it, and do it by myself. I raided the textile recycling bag that Bean had got ready, and  now have a stash of nice fabrics for cutting down to make patchwork curtains for the windows. I have window baskets, I have lots of bird feeders for around the cabin, and have procured a nice small plastic crate for making into a tiny pond for by the door.
When the shed is empty, I'll get hold of some shelving or similar and install it, then empty the cabin, sort the stuff from there and store it in the shed. The cabin at the moment is full of fleece, textiles, couple of looms, wool, all sorts of eminently usable and valuable things.
So, the upshot of this is - if you've got the room to store it sensibly then get it, keep, it, look after it. You really never know what life's going to throw at you that will have your running for your shed lol

ps I've even found there is enough of the blue stain left to probably give both sheds another coat :)

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