Monday, 18 April 2011

If I need it, I'll make it

 - as far as humanly possible! Thinking ahead to the winter, I've started on the first of the blankets for the bed. I'm hoping to have enough in my stash and scrounged from Bean ( who appropriated a large part of it anyway lol) to make the first blanket without having to buy any yarn/wool at all. This is the start of it, got quite a few done since yesterday, taking it to and from the town and the tip in the car, and sitting outside in the warm sunshine today. I have to say I find the repetitiveness of the round and round of granny squares very restful and therapeutic, whilst being able to make plans and schemes in my head and drink tea!


The mum of all trades said...

Wow, you are thinking ahead. I can just about think to next week! Great blog.

MrsL said...

Thankyou :) It's about to get a whole lot more interesting lol

♥ emma bear forever ♥ said...

You can never have too many blankets :) Well done on planning ahead x