Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Guerilla seed saving

Most of us have heard about guerilla gardening, but I want  to introduce you to the concept of guerilla seed saving lol
We went out for lunch at the weekend to a newly refurbished pub down in the south east of the county. I had the house salad; the usual things - various leaves, rocket, potatoes, tomatoes.............oh the tomatoes! Being a keen heritage vegetable sort of gardener, I instantly recognised them - Green Zebra, Pineapple, Black Krim and a smaller black one, and a red and orangey/yellow striped one. Nipped off to the Ladies for a paper towel, came back and dissected the tomatoes, ate some, saved a little for the seeds. I'll sow them today or tomorrow, grow them on, save more seed and share them.  Good lunch and free seeds for £8.  Bargain.

Other things I've had success with - sowing beans from the grocer, straight out of the bag - I'm on my second year of my own strain of kidney bean now, looking good; buying potatoes of unusual varieties (Waitrose good for his, or smaller, independent shops) and growing them; buying one of a variety of unusual tomatoes, and saving the seed from them - my friend and I did this in Auchterader last year, from the wonderful fruit and veg shop on the high street.
I'm just about to start a trial of soya beans too, and some black turtle beans - I got both of these at 10p for a 100g bag reduced in Morrisons last week. Will report back.
Anyone else grown things from unusual sources?
The picture shows the tomato seeds ready for planting. Looking forward to the results :))


Simone said...

What a good idea! I recently blogged about buying dried peas from a supermarket (dried goods aisle) and growing on as pea shoots. It works!

MrsL said...

Ah, good idea, might have to give that a go. Much cheaper than buying them fresh and ready grown. Thanks for that :))


pattypan.2 said...

Works too Sarah was featured on the edible garden programme last year. I had never done this before but we had loads of shoots which I used in salads and as a topping for a soup (pea based) and I only used a long planter. Hope you are keeping well and that everything is going tickety boo.

Take care



I think the orange yellow stripey one might be a copia tomato...we grow them here in Utah and they do very well in hot, dry climates! Very tasty, too! I hope that they grow well for you.