Monday, 9 May 2011

Symbiotic blanket making..............

I told you I've started on blankets for the winter, and I now have three on the go; one is out of traditional crocheted granny squares to use up lots of odd bits I have around; the second is a one colour ( so far) continuous square, slightly different style of granny square, to use larger amounts of wool. There is always a bit left of a ball that isn't quite big enough to do a whole square, so I'm doing a knitted blanket at teh same time, so when I get to this left over bit, it gets knitted up straight away into the blanket - keeps things going and saves leaving bits and peices lying around.

That's the theory anyway :lol:
We went out for a cup of tea to the airfield on Saturday, but didn;t stop and got back after 5pm :lol: We deicded to carry on and do a few other things, so I managed to get 8 1/2 granny squares done in the car :lol:

VCT = valuable crochet time

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