Friday, 20 May 2011

Off-grid solar powered blueberry and honey biscuits

Going off-grid shortly (I hope), I'm scouting about for recipes that will be suitable for cooking and eating without conventional power/oven, etc. So, I devised this biscuit recipe - cup of tea without a biscuit? Unthinkable!

16 rich tea biscuits, crushed
3 oz butter, softened
3 tbsp honey
handful of blueberries
large bar of chocolate

Place the honey and butter in a bowl, and break up the chocolate into pieces and place in a second bowl. Put both bowls into a hot and sunny greenhouse for a couple of hours (could take more, could take less, depending). When melted, stir the honey and butter well to mix, and add to the crushed bisuits and fruit. Mix thoroughly (I use my hands for this bit), and press into a baking tray, flattening and smoothing
it down. Pour over the melted chocolate to cover and leave in a cool place to set.

Et voila! Off-grid, solar powered biscuits.
Next step is home ground flour from home grown wheat, home churned butter, honey from hive and fruit from the garden (rasps would be nice, or blackcurrants).Still working on the chocoalte production, but the bisuity bit is really nice without it too.

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Jane and Chris said...

Have you considered a solar oven?
Jane x