Monday, 25 July 2011

Free ice cream

This is on its way to the freezer right now:
Free gooseberry icecream :)

One carton double cream past its sell-by date in the shop, so no charge and better than throwing it in the bin. Heat gently with one egg yolk from the generous feathered ones at the top of the garden, don't let it boil, but heat until it thickens. Remove from heat and add generous quantity of homegrown gooseberries from a jar that didn't seal properly first time, so has to be eaten up (sugar already in bottling syrup). Combine well,  pour into bowl and freeze.
Do puddings get any better?


Sue xx said...

Joe's busting for some Maple Syrup Ice-cream...will have to try your method for him,

Hope you are well me dear,

Sue xx said...

Well I made it yesterday and it was sooo good, even though it's winter here lol

I linked to your recipe, Sarah, thank you for sharing